By Dawn Scovill, Jupiter, Fla.

January 26, 2012 – Administrators of The Kid Rock Life Line, a Facebook group made up of Kid Rock fans dedicated to helping other fans in need, knew time was of the essence when reports came through of a mother who was desperate to reach her teenage son. The boy had overdosed on prescription medication, she said. He was in a coma, the prognosis wasn’t good, and the mother was three torturous states away.
Armed with the mission to provide immediate, essential support, comfort, and encouragement to fellow members of their community in the wake of natural disaster and personal tragedy, and with over 100 group members and a dozen success stories behind them, KRLL Admins voted to act quickly, purchasing an airline ticket and securing a ride to the airport so the woman could be with her son. As word reached the general membership, the mother’s Facebook page and inbox began to swell with well wishes and prayers from the Kid Rock community.
Within a few days, however, new reports surfaced. Speculation that the original request for help might have been a hoax stunned the KRLL. “We’re continuing to verify the facts,” said Sonia Woolf, the group’s founder and one of nine Admins, “but it’s beginning to look like we were scammed.” She went on to say, “We knew it might happen someday. Still, it’s hard to believe one of our own could take advantage like this.”
Concerned news of the fraud might prompt KRLL members and the Kid Rock community, in general, to retaliate, Admins are urging everyone to put this incident behind them and focus on the future. “We acted in good faith and did what we thought was the right thing to do,” Woolf explained. “This experience taught us to be more vigilant in our verification process, but our mission and intent remain the same: When our family needs us, we WILL be there.”

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