The Kid Rock Family Does it Again

Good Sunday morning Life Liners. Some have been questioning HOW we do what we do. Honestly it can’t be done without you. This family is so wonderful to be a part of.For the record – we raised $4097 dollars in merchandise and raffle sales total. How we arrived at the amounts given to Project Scissor Gait and Amber Reineck House are in the photos – we tried to keep a decent tally but the booth could get busy and we may have forgotten a sale or two so we rounded the figures up!

As far as the non-perishables, winter coats and dresses: Non-perishables valued in at around $500 in groceries. Winter coats valued in at around $400 with 25 coats collected. Dresses count was around 150 dresses with a value of over $70K.

A big shout out to Live Nation Concerts for donating those Lynryd Skynryd Tickets!
Again thank you Kid Rock family for being so generous!

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