Fall 2019 Raffle Results

Our fall raffle netted $774 for our little charity! This money will be used to send flowers, plants and memory necklaces to members who have lost loved ones or help a family in need after a personal tragedy. Thank you for those that participated and here is our list of winners. Congratulations to our winners!

Prize Pack #1 – Margaret Garcia

Prize Pack #2 – Brenda Lynn Reynolds

Prize Pack #3 – Kim Oakley

Prize Pack #4 – Cyndi Collingswood

Prize Pack #5 – Darryl Brooks

Prize Pack #6 – Diana Sanchez

Prize Pack #7 – Linda Kelley

Prize Pack #8 – Theresa Castle

Prize Pack #9 – Elizabeth Spencer

Prize Pack #10 – Ruth Hall

Prize Pack #11 – Steve Fisher

Prize Pack #12 – Jennifer Zigarac

Prize Pack #13 – Lisa Roach

Prize Pack #14 – Becky Walowski

Prize Pack #15 – Sherry Ross

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