Our Approach

What We Do

In a nutshell, we offer support, prayer, and encouragement to anybody who needs it and falls within our missions statement.

Monetary support or comfort comes from  our membership either by raffles, shop purchases and cash donations.

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Our Story

Meet the Founder


Sonia Woolf

Founder, President

After suffering a devastating house fire in 2006, and seeing a need after Hurricane Irene, Sonia started the Life Line to help others get through tough times.

If you'd like to donate...

If you want to send a donation, please note we are LLC but we have not received a 501(c)3 status yet.  But know that 100% of funds go to aid and send comfort gifts for anything covered by our mission statement, if we know know about it.

If you have a need that is covered by our mission statement, you can fill out our application for assistance and the board will vote on any aid and amount.

If you want to donate, please click the donate button.